Center for Artificial Intelligence

We provide Artificial Intelligence based solutions which can help you have a quick turn around time thereby reducing time to market. We provide solutions which can exponentially improve user business using state of the art artificial based solutions

Our capabilities are wide ranging and cover a spectrum of technologies, where we take a business need specific approach

As a soluton provider we respect the fact that each of you are unique and so are your business needs and therefore our AI based solutions are customised to your uniqueness.Talk to us and know how we can help you.

The center for AI at TechandManage focusses on the application side of AI directed towards achievable results. The center also aims to provide training, contract research and applied AI/ml and deep learning. In that direction, we launched our Introductory Course in Ai and machine learning to develop an ecosystem in that arena. This would be an 8 Weekend course culminating in a certificate from our course director on successful completion. The course fees have been set at a discounted price of 50000 36000 10000 INR. The course aims to provide strong fundamentals in the arena of Ai to face the AI wave in the days ahead.

Reserve your seat for just INR 499!

    For questions and clarification regarding the course drop us an email at